How comfortable is your comfort zone?

With the country into a double-dip recession, it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone and avoid change within your business. Staff cutbacks, changes to supply and demand, as well as the need for downsizing or consolidating can all create a sense of disruption and chaos to the usual working patterns. When times are tough, fine tuning the structure and dynamics of your workspace is not only essential, it may make the difference between achieving increased profitability and growth, or the gradual decline of staff morale and efficiency.

With staff stretched to maximum productivity it makes sense to take advantage of the expertise supplied by an outsourced Move Manager. Re-assessing the needs of your business could involve simply re-locating departments and staff to improve work flow or it could mean a complete office re-location. Lets face it, no-one enjoys the upheaval of moving office or even desk, but by utilising the skills of a Move Management company you can ensure people are kept informed, making them feel involved and part of the process, not inconvenienced by it. An office move can be managed so effectively that staff leave on Friday and return on Monday able to carry on work with zero downtime.

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