Keep your bucket full

bucket w-holeIt’s lovely when your clients say something really wonderful about you and your business. Exertus received this glowing reference recently from one of its oldest and most loyal customers.

“Vanessa,  I first started working with Russell Turner 7 years ago when he managed one of our biggest and difficult moves.  We had to move 100 people on the weekend, then move 100 desks mid-week and we had to do this 6 weeks in a row.  It was safe to say the staff were not looking forward to the move as previous experiences with office moves have not always been pleasant.  This time all staff reported that the move was done in a very professional manner and all the staff employed by Exertus were extremely helpful.  As I said that was 7 years ago and since then we have used them in over 40 office moves and we have also used them for office closures where time is crucial and they have never left us down.  I know when I get Exertus involved that I then don’t need to worry about the details of the move and I can concentrate on other things.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

It’s really heart warming get a reference like this but don’t get complacent with clients and certainly don’t rely on just one or two. Make sure that you treat each and every piece of business like it’s the most important piece of work you have ever done. An old sales manager of mine once told me that business is like a bucket of water with a small hole in the bottom. Business will always leak out of that hole through ‘natural wastage’ and unless you keep topping it up with new contacts, opportunities and clients, then one day you will have nothing. Its a simple analogy but one that has stuck with me for years.

Keep your bucket full!

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